About Annunziata

History of Special Education in St. Louis

Annunziata Little LambEvery man, woman, and child has a God-given right to live his or her life to its fullest, Since 1950, the Department of Special Education has been committed to the mission of helping children with many kinds of special learning needs to achieve this goal. Under the guidance of Monsignor Elmer Behrman, and with support from Archbishop Joseph Ritter (elevated to Cardinal in 1962) the Department of Special Education was founded with this commitment to educating every child.

Today, Annunziata School is the central location for the Archdiocese of St. Louis Special Education programs, which offer full time education for children in grades K-8. Its graduating students have gone on to attend Diocesan and Private Catholic high schools across the region. While our name has evolved, our mission of “Quality education, success and a living faith for children with special learning needs” has held strong, and continues to serve children with special learning needs.